EU Driving Licence Exchange

EU Driving Licence Exchange

EU Driving Licence Exchange: You are allowed to possess only one EU driving licence at a time. When you relocate to another EU country, it is generally not mandatory to exchange your driving licence for a local one. However, if you prefer, you have the option to voluntarily exchange it for an equivalent licence in your new country of residence.

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If you decide to voluntarily exchange your driving licence in another EU country, there are certain criteria you must meet. You need to be a resident of that country and fulfil all the requirements for holding a driving licence, such as reaching the minimum age and being medically fit to drive.

Before exchanging your driving licence, the authorities will contact the relevant authorities in your previous country of residence to verify that your licence has not been restricted, suspended, or revoked. If you possess an old-style licence, it will be replaced with the new standard format, which is a plastic, credit card-sized photo card introduced in 2013.

EU Driving Licence Exchange in Special Situations

In certain situations, exchanging your driving licence is obligatory while residing in another EU country. These situations include losing, stealing, or damaging your licence, having a driving licence with an indefinite validity period after residing in the country for two years (only if required by the national authorities), or committing a traffic offence in your current country of residence.

Please take note of these guidelines to ensure a smooth process for exchanging your driving licence in the EU.

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